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Why can’t I talk to a human being? Balancing AI and EI in customer service teams

by Jill Pennington, Consultant Director, JCA Global Ltd Our research shows a significant correlation between performance and elevated levels of EI in roles where there is high emotional labour (Hughes and Maddocks 2018). Where flexibility and working with others are key, EI measures are more predictive of performance than traditional personality tests. So how can […]

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Team building – getting the CX skills blend right

By Claire Sporton, SVP of Customer Experience Innovation, Confirmit Technology has always opened the door to new and different ways of working, enabling us to do things quicker, smarter and faster. The growing arsenal of analytics tools, for example, is enabling Customer Experience (CX) professionals to listen to and understand what drives engagement amongst increasingly […]


This Organisation has Professional Leaders

This Organisation is Yours Welcome to The Organisation. Here, employees complete their projects on time. They monitor budgets and meet them. They share their workload and ideas with colleagues. To the outside world they are reliable; they could even be described as capable. They are simply ticking the boxes. At The Organisation, employees understand their […]

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To Get the Most out of Your Enterprise Social Media, Corporate Leads Need to Play “ALL” the Game

by Professor Mohamed-Hedi Charki, Associate Professor of Information Systems, EDHEC In recent years, many corporate leaders were attracted to enterprise social media platforms due to an outstanding number of expected benefits that include enhancing knowledge sharing, boosting cross-unit collaboration, improving creativity and advancing innovation. Consequently, corporate leaders, including Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and Chief […]

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Evolution of Work Conference Chair Report

The Revolution in How & Where we Work As always, it was an enlightening, inspiring and energetic day, chairing the Evolution of Work Conference. Our main theme, looking at the many ways in which work is changing, and the way we approach work is changing. We kicked off in fine style with the first of […]

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Internal Communications Conference Chair Report

Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, Institute of Internal Communication I was thrilled to be invited to chair the 2018 Internal Communications Conference on Thursday 20th September in London.  It is so important for me to spend time listening to and engaging with the IC profession, and it was great to see such a packed room of people wanting to hear […]

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How to get your team to set standards for personal excellence

Before I begin let me clarify what I actually mean by personal excellence. To me, it’s about showing up every single day being the best version of you. It’s about being committed to achieving greatness in your field of endeavour, whatever that may be. It’s about investing your time every day to raise your personal […]

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Why diversity matters

Professor Richard Webber, founder of Webber Phillips Richard is the originator of the postcode classification systems Acorn and Mosaic and is a former Director of Experian.  He is a visiting professor at the University of Newcastle and a fellow of the Market Research Society and the Institute of Direct Marketing. The media has been full of […]

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5 Reasons to invest in Learning & Development

The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning, so here are my 5 top reasons to invest in learning and development; #1 Learn something new today Sometimes, particularly as adults, we slip into the trap of complacency, operating in a state of unconsciousness where it feels like are just going through the […]