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Have you ever thought that if only you had more information, you could solve all your problems? With an estimated 90% of the world’s data being generated in the last two years, it seems like we should have all the answers. But there’s a big difference between simply accumulating information and using it in a targeted way to get the answers you need. The need to synthesize and apply data is at the heart of today’s obsession with using digital technologies to streamline everything we do.

At Bayer, we are refocusing our efforts to address our digital employment needs through a dynamic
‘re-skilling’ process. This involves not only critical thinking and re-training but also a recalibration of
our recruitment philosophy. Much like the path Bayer is taking with our ‘open innovation’ research
strategy, we are looking beyond our internal organisation by expanding the role of a contingent workforce, including a more flexible, less one-size-fits-all approach, so that we can stay ahead of the digital curve. In a world of rapid change, a ‘not invented here’ mentality is no recipe for success.

Achieving success in a digital environment also requires a reimagination of how we connect with
each other. In an era of instantaneous communication and overlapping generations with divergent perspectives, there is no uniform process that applies to an entire workforce. Hyper-personalisation builds on this reality by taking a deeper dive into understanding what drives individual performance to optimise learning and development and to enhance the overall work experience. Through constant connectiveness, companies can strive to satisfy the specific needs of each of their employees, while also fostering a healthy work/life balance.


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