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Contact Centres Rediscover Their Mojo

What a difference a year makes! This industry gathering otherwise known as ‘Future of Contact Centres’ felt like a completely different event from the one I chaired just 12 months ago. For a start there were two chairs and twice the speakers. The event’s strap line that the Contact Centre is the ‘beating heart of […]

Conversational Self Service Is Shaking Things Up

I’ve just run my second briefing on intelligent assistance. Much happened in the few months between sessions. This time, the second half of the day was dominated with stories about bots and their use cases on messaging platforms. It also included the amazing things now possible via automated voice which Amazon’s Alexa Challenge exemplifies. Meanwhile […]

Reflections on Future Of The Contact Centre Leaders Forum

I’m not sure exactly how many crammed into the bijou theatre at the top of Blue Fin, but it was standing room only for most of the day. Certainly more than a hundred bright minds made it an event that zinged all day.  It was also Friday which meant the conversation had to be good […]