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Virtual Reality Is Set To Be Your CX Challenge For 2017

I read an interesting feature in Forbes magazine recently about habituation and how people are adopting new technologies faster and faster. In short, humans are taking on board new ideas faster than ever and habituating them – they become normal behaviour. This then frees up more space in our minds to keep exploring and to […]

Judging The 2016 Engage Awards

I have been judging the 2016 Engage Awards today. The award ceremony will be on the same day in November as the Customer Engagement Summit in London, which from the agenda looks like it will be the biggest ever and this event has been running for five years now. I’m judging two categories, the best […]

Governments Need To Offer A Great Customer Experience

The latest Customer Experience Index research from industry analyst firm Forrester shows that the American citizen who needs to engage with their government is likely to have a very poor experience indeed. In fact, 73% of federal agencies were ranked poor or very poor based on the service level they provide. To most people this […]

Do You Need A Dedicated Customer Experience Team?

Blake Morgan wrote an opinion piece in Forbes this week arguing that even if they want to boost and improve the customer experience (CX) companies do not need to create a separate CX department. Blake argues that you can’t just define a department in this way – CX is an attitude that comes from the […]

The Enormous Complexity In Creating a Great Customer Experience

The customer journey has changed dramatically in the past few years. There is no longer a linear process where a customer seeks out information on products, makes a purchase, the possibly follows up with a call to the customer service team. Today, there is engagement and interaction at all stages in the journey, across many […]

The Rio 2016 Focus On Volunteers Will Ensure Olympic Success

Four years ago I wrote an article about the London 2012 Olympic Games. I asked why British people were so critical of the games in London and the article was immediately flooded with hundreds of comments telling me what an idiot I was to think that the people of London might actually enjoy the Olympics. […]

When Will The Brazilian Courts Understand WhatsApp?

Once again the Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has been banned by a judge in Brazil. This time it’s the courts in Rio and this is now the third time in the last eight months that the service has been banned in Brazil.  During the last few bans it was live again after about a day […]

Customers Prefer The Online Experience To In-Store

I have been reading several research reports from both sides of the Atlantic recently that talk about how customers are starting to favour the online shopping experience over the real, in-store experience. How could this be? Haven’t retailers always found that some customers prefer to see and touch products before purchasing? Times are changing. If […]

Letter From Bogotá: Customer Experience Colombian Style

I have been speaking today at the ACDECC Congress on Contact Centres and CRM in Bogotá, Colombia. It’s been a great day because instead of the usual topics I see at contact centre conferences this event is very much focused on the future of the customer experience. Author Scott Klososky opened by talking about the transformation […]

Big Data and the IoT Are Worth Billions to the UK Economy

IBA Group Mark Hillary The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) recently published new research exploring the size of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data markets in the UK economy with predictions running from 2015 to 2020. These two technologies are expected to add £322 billion to the British economy during this […]