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Ian McVey, UK Director, Qualtrics Customer experience (CX) is all about feedback, so we make it our mission to talk to our customers and understand their outcomes when using our software. Every day we see the unexpected business benefits that spring from customer connectivity.  But we also see why some CX programmes fail. When a […]

Introducing the Gig Nation

Ian McVey, UK Director, Qualtrics Earlier this month, Engage Business Media and Qualtrics joined forces to survey 3000 customers across Europe. Our objective was to achieve a better understanding of shifting consumer attitudes and the rapidly changing European CX environment. CX professionals’ task is to represent the voice of the customer at the highest levels […]

Is there Artificial Intelligence in Enfield?

Hats off to the London Borough of Enfield.  Mentioned in the Doomsday Book, famous for the LeeEnfield rifle and the world’s first cash machine, Enfield has pole vaulted into the age of artificial intelligence. The Council is trialing a virtual assistant called Amelia who will help to improve its online digital customer experience while reducing the workload of is […]

Mrs May is Right to be Unequivocal. Boards Should Brace for Change.

Not only has Theresa May called for employees to be represented on company boards, she wants bosses to invite their customers on board too. She is right to do so. Employee participation might sound like a populist refrain from those in search of a centrist sound bite, or even the policies of outmoded socialism, but […]

What Should CX Managers make of Brexit?

On Wednesday, social media predicted an outcome to the referendum that was uncannily close to the actual result. Since early May, in most UK regions, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, forums and blogs, a consistent support for ‘leave’ wavered in strength, but not in focus. Social media is the ultimate form of democratic expression. Social media […]

Is Mike Coupe the New Arkwright?

Sainsbury Chairman Mike Coupe draws inspiration from a discreet, interactive website called ‘Trolley Talk’, where 4000 shoppers a week help him to make the right strategic decisions and decide what he puts in his own basket – Argos, for instance. Of late, Mr Coupe has ditched multi buys in favour of lower prices, refreshed own […]

On intuition and insight

BBC Radio 1, broadcast bastion of the popular song, has declared that it will stop relying on data and allow its employees to trust their musical instincts when picking the station’s play list. It seems that following the herd in pursuit of what is trending on Spotify and you tube is no longer to be […]

The mythology of customer care

Earlier this year, Britain’s dominant service industry reported its sharpest slowdown for nearly three years. Economists downgraded their forecasts for first-quarter growth as manufacturing and construction surveys pointed to a global slowdown.  Today, Brexit, Brazil and shrinking manufacturing output across much of Asia and the Americas are all adding to the gloom. Against such a […]

CEOs and boards should listen to their employees on Brexit

Last week the press had a field day when Rolls Royce and BMW CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos  wrote to his UK employees to warn them of the effect of a Brexit on the manufacturer’s business.  The Daily Express accused him of ‘scaremongering’. Only a few days later, John Longworth, the director general of the British Chamber […]