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Redefining Customer Centricity

Historically most businesses consider that if their product or service saves customers time, money or effort then then are on the right track for success. While this may have some truth to it, research shows that it’s not that simplistic. In a recent Harvard Business Review article it was suggested that what customer’s value may […]

5 Ways to be a Customer Superhero

When customers contact your organization they are looking for one thing: a superhero to solve their problems. It doesn’t really matter how the problem came about as much as finding that magical solution that doesn’t involve a lot of effort or stress on their part. Yes it may seem overly simplified and idealistic, but at […]

It’s time to focus on the People

In the contact centre industry there is a constant drive to improve. Improve first time call resolution, improve average handling time, and improve systems through technology. But where do people fit into all of this? There has been such a strong emphasis on metrics and technology as key components for improving contact centre efficiency for […]

Will you be the reason your best people stay?

Staff attrition can be one of the most costly expenses for businesses and many would argue that effective employee engagement is one way to avoid losing your best people. Do you, as a manager, know what makes your staff members tick and are there ways to ensure you keep your best talent within the business? […]

Customer Service on the Go

By Carolyn Blunt, Managing Director, Real Results A phone is no longer just a phone. It’s a mini mobile personal computer that can do everything from delivering stock market statistics, to monitoring fitness, to communicating with clients anytime, anywhere using a wide range of apps and platforms. It’s great for customers, but many companies are […]

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want…

Most companies aspire to be the best in the industry, to be leading the way in customer service and this is understandable! However, in aiming for excellence many companies fall short of customer expectations because perfection is hard to achieve. Have you ever considered that maybe customers don’t want perfection after all, they just want […]

Digitalisation of customer service

Back in 2010, industry experts predicted that digitalization would play an increasingly important role in customer service. Six years down the line it’s very clear how customers are using technology to buy, shop and communicate with businesses. But have companies adapted enough to meet customer’s ever growing digital expectations? In a recent Oracle report, 64% […]

Sorry goes a long way

The vast majority of customer service stories begin with how things went wrong, however, it doesn’t have to end that way. Bill Gates says that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” and I agree with this. When things go wrong, it’s a great opportunity to say ‘sorry’ and wow the customer […]

But they are farmers…..

In 2013, Johnny Georges became a You-tube sensation when his emotional plea on the entrepreneurial show – The Shark Tank aired. As the inventor of the tree T-pee, a water conservation system, Johnny had a very personalized approach to expanding his business. He’d been taught by his father – an inventor in his own right […]