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Co-authored by Eric Mosley and Sheri Feinzig

How many times since last week’s Employee Appreciation Day (March 4th) have you recognized someone at work? On that one day every year we are reminded to appreciate our employees, but, our employees contribute to our organization’s overall growth and well-being all year long, not just on occasional days.

As the results of a soon-to-be-released survey from Globoforce reveal, consistent employee recognition from company leaders engages employees and produces a sense of well-being, trust, humanity and confidence that can propel employee culture forward.

Here are four reasons why employee appreciation matters year-round, not just one day a year.

  • Employee appreciation can improve morale

Employees recognized within the last six months were more than twice as likely to believe leaders care about them, compared to those who were never recognized in the workplace. Furthermore, 80 percent of those surveyed said the presence of a recognition program has the potential to make big differences in employee morale, provided the program is tied to a company’s core values.

  • Employee appreciation is linked to higher engagement

When they are recognized, 86 percent of employees feel happier at work, and 85 percent feel more satisfied overall with their jobs. Not only that, but, 91 percent of workers who were recognized in the past month consider their company to be a best place to work. Such satisfaction with an employer is a key component of employee engagement. According to IBM Smarter Workforce Institute Research, employee engagement is linked to important organizational outcomes such as customer satisfaction and financial performance.

  • Employee appreciation shapes attitudes toward workplace change

The more recent an employee’s recognition and appreciation takes place, the more positive that worker feels about workplace changes. Of those recognized in the last month, 55 percent feel confident about company change, while 14 percent report feeling excited. On the other hand, almost half (47 percent) of workers who have never been recognized say they feel nervous or fearful about change. Importantly, employee appreciation could help to ease the path of change.

  • Employee appreciation spurs greater trust in company leaders.

Of those recognized in the last month, 82% indicated they have trust in their leaders. Furthermore, 89 percent of people who trust their senior leaders categorize their company as a best place to work.

For all these reasons, employee appreciation matters, not just on March 4th, but year round. The benefits of employee appreciation are more than a ‘nice to have,’ they are linked to employee positivity, trust and satisfaction.

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