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Spotify valued at around $26 billion as it floats on US stock market

Shares in Spotify fell back on the first day of trading on the US stock market after the music streaming firm’s highly anticipated launch. The shares opened at $165.90 (£118) – more than a quarter higher than the $132 guide price set by the New York Stock Exchange on Monday. After going as high as […]

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Rises in National Living Wage make jobs more interesting and fulfilling

Rises to the National Living Wage (such as the increase on April 1st) are having a wider-than expected ripple effect on the lives of British workers, by increasing people’s job satisfaction and opportunities. A study by alldaypa, the leading contact centre for the SME industry, asked workers over 27 years of age, who are paid the National […]

Keith Schorah

Employee Engagement for B2B Organisations

Keith Schorah, founder and CEO of customer intelligence organisation Maru/Syngro, shares his top tips on how B2B organisations can engage employees in the Customer Experience strategy. B2B organisations can be complex with many different departments executing different roles with different communication lines with customers. It is not uncommon then that everyone on the front-line work to please […]

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76% of communication professionals say campaigns are more successful when they use research

A national survey of marketing, PR and communications professionals reveals that despite the success of exploratory research in marketing and PR campaigns some professionals are not sold on the quality of the outputs.  Respondents from across the UK, Northern Ireland and Wales participated in the research study, commissioned by Sapio Research. The survey revealed that […]

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British Government to delay decision on who makes passports after Brexit

The government has granted a two-week extension in the process to decide who will make UK passports after Brexit. British company De La Rue – which had lost the £490m contract to French-Dutch Gemalto in March – had requested the longer “standstill period”, which has now been agreed by the Home Office. It means a […]

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Urgent need for collaboration needed to build ethical AI framework say technology experts

It’s the responsibility of government, business, consumers and academics to work together to ensure artificial intelligence and automation are developed with ethics and diversity – that’s according to an influential group of cloud and automation experts. Automation has the potential to bring £630bn to the UK economy, offering real opportunities for social development. However, there […]

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Outsourced staff “lose out on wages and rights” says Union

The TUC says labour laws need “beefing up” to protect the rights of workers employed by outsourcing firms. The union body says such workers cannot challenge the “parent” company over minimum wage or holiday pay abuses. The TUC has called on the government to give subcontracted workers the right to challenge the end employer. The […]