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The rise and rise of the analytical consumer

IBM has conducted research that shows how consumer behaviour is radically changing in a world increasingly dominated by online and social media.  Polling opinions from over 2,000 individuals across the UK, the research shows that – despite living in an age of information overload – consumers are becoming more analytical in the way they make […]

Consumers spending more time watching video ads online

In the space of only three months there has been a huge growth (56%) in the amount of time spent by consumers watching online video advertising, according to the Q3/2012 Media Barometer study by display marketing firm Adform. The company's quarterly barometer study, which measures consumer engagement with online display advertising based on 140 billion […]

Mediocre managers the killers of employee engagement

Not taking responsibility, passing on stress, panicking about deadlines and telling staff what to do rather than consulting them, are some of the worst attributes of bad managers identified in new research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). These characteristics are identified alongside some of the more obvious ‘David Brent’ style behaviours, […]

Social mobile and BYOD a step nearer

NewsGator has unveiled a new mobile version of Social Sites, that lets mobile workers connect and collaborate anywhere and anytime from their smartphone, making social networking on mobile devices a reality.  The new Social Sites Mobile Web  runs on web-enabled smartphones, giving our Social Sites platform a near ubiquitous footprint on mobile devices. The new […]

Only one in five customers feel loyal to their bank

Despite the recent scandals and troubles that have engulfed the UK's financial sector, millions of customers say they still feel loyalty toward their bank, according to research among 2,000 consumers by Plastic Card Services (PCS). One out of five consumers (20%) – representing some 10 million adults – said that they still have a sense […]

Relevance more important than pricing for online retailers

In the face of growing multi-channel competition, the future prosperity of e-retailers depends on customer relevance and not necessarily pricing, according to a survey of 14,000 members of the UK's Consumers' Association. The survey found that that seven out of ten consumers (70%) shopped online because they felt it was cheaper than shopping in the […]

Employee Relations Institute officially launches

An innovative new membership organisation to promote and improve employee and workplace relations in the UK was officially launched last night at the House of Commons. The Employee Relations Institute (ERI) was launched at the House of Commons at an event attended by a senior audience from government, public and private sector organisations and trade […]

The seven deadly sins of social media

Research from SAP UK & Ireland shows how social media has become a key source of information, influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers.  Just under a quarter of consumers (22%) have bought from a specific brand or retailer based on a recommendation seen on a social network. While one in eight (12%) have stopped using […]

UK marketers are wasting £2.5bn a year

UK marketers are wasting billions of pounds by relying on gut instinct and guesswork rather than data and rational decision-making, according to a new study by marketing software firm marketing QED.  Marketers are descrtibed as raindancers rather than meteorologists.  The independent survey of 459 marketers found that according to the industry’s own estimates more than […]

Customer Experience strategic driver for business growth

Research from Oracle has revealed that customer experience is now a key driver for revenue growth in Europe, and an effective channel for brand differentiation in a globalized economy where products and services are increasingly commoditized. The research report, "Why Customer Satisfaction is No Longer Good Enough," reveals that 81% of consumers surveyed are willing […]