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7 in 10 workers think data theft is inevitable

Individuals’ attitudes towards personal security are transferring across to measures used at work, as new research finds that workers feel more vulnerable to cyber attacks compared to a year ago. Nearly two thirds of workers said that they felt more at risk of attack, while 71 per cent called an instance of data theft “inevitable”, research […]

IT professionals

UK IT professionals trust their boards more than those in US

IT professionals in the UK trust the corporate boards of their companies more than those working in IT in the US, a new survey has discovered. Overall trust in board members’ knowledge of and decisions regarding cyber security was high in the survey, with the majority of respondents voicing positive opinions on their board’s capabilities. […]


Calls for business to take action as UK workforce hit by childcare costs

A new report published by the Family and Childcare Trust, alongside Parental Choice, has revealed for the first time that the high cost of childcare is preventing millions of parents from working, with industries who rely on shift work being particularly hit. Currently, over 4.4 million parents (34% of all parents with dependent children) are […]

Scared worker

UK workers reluctant whistle blowers unless…

A third of UK workers would be afraid to reveal illegal or dangerous practices by their employer, a survey has claimed. The main reasons given were a fear of losing their job, the impact it would have on their career and how they would be treated by colleagues. However, the number of people willing to […]

Pizza express

Pizza Express delivers on employee and customer demands

Following complaints from its employees and supported by customers, Pizza Express is to remove an 8% administration fee on staff tips made by card. The fee will stop on October 6 and follows a campaign by unions to allow restaurant workers to keep tips left by customers. Pizza Express said a new automated system will […]


Why Amazon has to gain the trust of its people

Amazon has been in existence for 20 years, and recently claimed to have 244 million active customers – those people who generally have valid credit cards on file. Last year the company had net sales of almost $89 billion, shipped goods to 185 countries, and employed almost 100,000 people. Customers consistently rate Amazon as Number […]



Indignant waiters are calling for public support in a battle to hold on to their tips. Pizza Express branches are to be targeted by protesters from Monday August 10 as part of an attempt to get the restaurant chain to stop creaming off a proportion of tips for staff that have been paid on credit […]

The Co-operative Bank


The Co-operative Bank has been awarded Living Wage Accreditation, meeting one of the commitments it made as part of its expanded Ethical Policy, launched earlier this year. Julie Harding, Director of HR at The Co-operative Bank, comments:  “Receiving accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation demonstrates our expanded Ethical Policy in action. Values and ethics sit at […]

Canada Life Group Insurance

39% of UK employees do not have any form of life insurance

Two in five UK employees (39%) do not have any form of life insurance 38% of these have not even given any thought to life protection Four in five without protection don’t have a will – adding to uncertainty for families Well over half of employees who do not have life insurance (59%) say being […]