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Almost 1 in 4 Brits own a pair of lucky pants

Almost one in four superstitious Brits own a pair of lucky pants, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 UK adults by online games destination, Wink Slots revealed that 26% of Brits own a good luck charm that they wear for prosperity. Pants proved to be the most common wearable good luck charm, as a staggering […]


VW hoping for new chapter and to establish itself as leader in green transport

Volkswagen plans to launch 30 all-electric models to reposition itself as a leader in “green” transport. Matthias Mueller, chief executive of Europe’s biggest carmaker, said huge investments would be needed as the firm moves beyond the “dieselgate” scandal. He hopes that by 2025, all-electric cars would account for about 20-25% of the German carmaker’s annual […]

Neil Taylor


The language you use makes a big difference to how customers feel, says Neil Taylor. A few years ago, I got talking to a guy called Michael Lenz. He was in charge of experience design at Cisco, and he told me about a big research project into Cisco’s customer experience that he’d commissioned. He wasn’t […]

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Top 10 things you shouldn’t print at work

New study finds quarter of employees use the office printer while job-seeking Plane tickets and personal emails have topped a list of the most inappropriate items employees admitted to printing at work, a new study has found. Shockingly, CVs and job applications for roles at different companies are common, with one in five saying they’ve […]


Great Managers Can Fix Broken Performance Management Systems

This is the first article in a two-part series. Globally, companies are scrambling to re-engineer their performance management processes — but many of these initiatives have the wrong priorities. Too many leaders rely on convoluted HR processes and rigid rating systems that are time-consuming and disengaging for managers and employees to use. Though it’s important […]

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39% of UK employees do not have any form of life insurance

Two in five UK employees (39%) do not have any form of life insurance 38% of these have not even given any thought to life protection Four in five without protection don’t have a will – adding to uncertainty for families Well over half of employees who do not have life insurance (59%) say being […]

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Employers not fully engaged with auto-enrolment, says St. James’s Place

Anyone who employs a nanny or housekeeper are among those who risk being fined £500 a day if they have not enrolled that employee in a pension scheme before a deadline set by the Pensions Regulator, according to Steve Moy, at St. James’s Place: “Government advertising has been effective at letting employees know about the […]