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Brexit will make no difference to us says British Airways boss

The boss of the firm which owns British Airways has said a British exit from the European Union would not have a “material impact” on the business. But Willie Walsh, chief executive of International Airlines Group which also includes Ireland’s Aer Lingus and Spain’s Iberia, said the possibility of a so-called Brexit was causing uncertainty […]


Brexit potentially damaging to UK economy says Standard Life boss

With a leave/remain European Union  referendum called for June 23 the chairman of Standard Life has waded into the debate over Britain’s membership of the European Union claiming a Brexit would be “potentially damaging” to the UK economy. Sir Gerry Grimstone said access to the single market was in the “best interests” of its clients […]

Digital checklist

Digital transformation in Comms industry not happening fast enough

Half of C-level and other service provider decision makers predict that it will take their companies more than five years to transform. This is not fast enough according to 64 percent of respondents to a global survey who believe that the communications industry will be outpaced by other industries. The survey was by top analyst […]


European businesses leading the world in optimism for the future

British businesses entered the new year more optimistic than those in almost any other country, with high hopes for rising profits and job creation, according to research. A survey of more than 10,000 companies across the world by Grant Thornton, the accountants, found that nearly three quarters of UK-based businesses said they were hopeful for […]

Contact centre1

Contact centres in 2016 – the shape of things to come

Customer experience is the current buzzword and the contact centre is about to undergo a huge transformation says David Ford.  The customer is now the absolute priority, and the success of the contact centres will soon be defined by their ability to resolve the increasingly complex needs of their multichannel customers. As the pressure begins […]

Marketing and CS

Marketing and customer service to get closer in 2016

Sentiment predicts closer integration between marketing and customer service, web chat and smart data will top the social customer care agenda in 2016 Social media never stands still.  It is constantly evolving to keep pace with changing user demands.  And, with 2016 fast approaching, brands must stay ahead of the social customer service curve or […]


Lloyds launch digital graduate scheme to reflect consumer demands

Lloyds Banking Group has launched a new digital graduate scheme as part of a £1 billion push to invest in its digital capability over the next three years. 29 graduates have started on the two-year scheme, which is the first of its kind in UK banking and consists of three eight-month assignments. These will take place […]


Five jobs most likely to be taken by robots

Fears over robots taking jobs are nothing new, but exactly how likely is it that an automated system could take your role in the next 20 years? The BBC has combined American research with information about jobs in the UK to create the following list of the jobs most likely to be consumed by the robotic uprising. […]

Retail board

Retail veterans soon ‘past their sell-by date’

Retailers might think that they have the best executives sitting in their boardrooms, but nine out of ten boards will be ‘past their sell-by date’ in five years’ time, an industry report is warning. It asserts that today’s grey-haired male chief executives and non-executives may need to make way soon for some younger, more technologically-savvy […]