Employee/Customer Engagement

Older employees offer businesses benefits

Dianne Bown-Wilson, chief executive of the specialist consultancy In My Prime, said that older workers provide companies with much-needed stability. They are also more motivated. This is because this demographic, once in a particular position, tend to remain committed to it for a number of years, she added. In contrast, young employees, who are always […]

Employee engagement – some winning strategies

Destination Rewards has revealed top strategies to maintain an engaged workforce and increase employee retention. In today’s economy, companies cannot afford to lose the money, productivity and intellectual capital that employee turnover entails. To increase retention and decrease attrition, companies must keep their workforce actively engaged on a daily basis. An engaged employee is invested […]

Directors Forums for 2013 announced

2013   Customer Feedback – February Mobile Engagement – March Multichannel Customer Engagement – April Customer Engagement in Retail – May Customer Engagement in Financial Services – June Customer Engagement for Sales – September Social Media Engagement – October Employee & Customer Engagement – December

Nationwide sustaining employee engagement

The tool, provided in association with The Carbon Trust, will feature virtual representations of familiar locations, accompanied by energy efficiency tips tailored for the building society. Advice will be provided across a variety of business areas. This includes depictions of retail branches and administration centres, as well as transport options for getting to and from […]

Olympics helps boost employee engagement

The majority (65%) of UK businesses said that the Olympics were less disruptive than expected; with nearly half (48%) reporting no impact on their organisation and 79% of managers saying their jobs were not affected. A post-Olympics survey of over 1,000 managers, published by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), explores the impact on […]

Customer experience and bottom line

Analyst firm Forrester claims that customer experience is the greatest untapped source of profits in business today, and that projects commissioned to target this are putting pressure on technology departments. Harley Manning, co-author of  'Outside In: The Power of Putting Your Customers at the Centre of Your Business' said  that companies need to rethink how […]

The competitive advantages of engagement

Entitled ‘The Rules of Employee Engagement: Communicating, Collaborating and Aligning with the Business’, the new study from Aberdeen Group attributes the positive impact of engagement on a business to improving the retention, performance and productivity of workers. But, it noted, while many organizations understand the virtue of engagement, the big challenge is creating a programme […]

Temkin says CEM at a tipping point

After passing through the initial stages of customer experience (CX) management evolution – those being 'CX Intrigue' and 'CX Exuberance' – the North American market has now entered into an era of 'CX Professionalism' in which best practices are being documented, according to the Temkin Group's report, 'The Future of Customer Experience'. The research examined […]

Amazon Apple and Google most trusted

The ClickFox Consumer Data Audit indicates that consumers embrace location services in marketing campaigns, are wary of data use among retailers and trust the financial services industry most with personal information, followed by healthcare and government in second and third, respectively. Amazon, Apple and Google were revealed as the most trustworthy organizations with regards to […]

Understanding employee values key to engagement

According to a recent Maritz Motivation Solutions study, companies can improve the effectiveness of the reward and recognition programmes they invest in by focusing on participant values. While businesses have spent more on employee reward and recognition programmes in recent years to attract top talent and retain good employees, only 45.3 percent of employees feel […]