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The top five advantages and disadvantages of gig economy workers revealed

Today more than 25 per cent of SME businesses warmly welcome so-called gig economy relationships, employing at least one worker on a zero-hours contract, according to the Zurich SME Risk Index. Profitability A clear advantage was profitability for businesses – 70 per cent of employers who used these workers reported that they were important to […]

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Majority of workers more likely to work for employers who clearly label benefits

Research from Canada Life Group Insurance reveals 85% of employees are more likely to work for employers who offer clearly labelled workplace benefits, suggesting workers value benefits when choosing a new job position but often struggle to understand what they are being offered.  The results show that clearer employee benefit information is needed for companies […]

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FCA mandates banks to reveal all security incidents from 2018

The FCA has announced new rules to make it mandatory for banks to inform customers about security incidents from August next year so that customers are better informed while choosing accounts that suit their needs. FCA intends to change the way banks and other financial firms disclose security incidents to it as well as to […]

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How to motivate staff the day after the Christmas party!

A recent survey conducted by office furniture expert, DBI Furniture Solutions revealed that one in three people in the UK naturally expect their employers to organise a Christmas party. Hosting a festive get-together can have clear business benefits. Not only does it encourage your teams to interact with each other, it can also act as […]

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Four in five senior decision makers say there is a lack of proper management

Senior decision makers working for small businesses in the UK believe they’re being held back because of a lack of proper management training, according to a new survey. A poll of managers and directors of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) found that, while most were given responsibility for managing people, budgets and major projects at […]

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One in five workers book day off to recover from office Christmas bash

Half of workers have a “civilised” three-course dinner in a restaurant followed by drinks in a bar for their office Christmas party, a new study reveals. A survey of 2,000 adults by hotel chain Travelodge also found that one in 10 will just go to the pub for drinks with colleagues, one in seven will […]

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Almost 1 in 4 Brits own a pair of lucky pants

Almost one in four superstitious Brits own a pair of lucky pants, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 UK adults by online games destination, Wink Slots revealed that 26% of Brits own a good luck charm that they wear for prosperity. Pants proved to be the most common wearable good luck charm, as a staggering […]

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Shell blames skills gap as it reports men earn 22% more than women

Oil giant Shell says male staff working for the company on average earn 22% more than women in the UK. Shell says that despite this, it is confident it pays equally for equal work, and the difference in pay rates is because of a skills gap, rather than sex discrimination. The UK’s biggest company is […]

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Two thirds of employees will decorate their place of work this Christmas

Workers are embracing the festive season and all that comes with it, according to new research.   A survey of 1,003 UK workers carried out by interiors etailer Furniture123.co.uk, revealed that two thirds (67%) of British workers will decorate their office or place of work this Christmas. A Christmas tree topped the poll as the festive […]