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Carolyn Blunt1

5 Ways to be a Customer Superhero

When customers contact your organization they are looking for one thing: a superhero to solve their problems. It doesn’t really matter how the problem came about as much as finding that magical solution that doesn’t involve a lot of effort or stress on their part. Yes it may seem overly simplified and idealistic, but at […]

Louise Shipley (002)

Presenteeism threatens UK businesses

Louise Shipley heads up the European Workspace Management category for Fellowes Brands. A passionate advocate of healthy working, she has managed the ergonomics desk accessory category for Fellowes across Europe for 15 years. Over that time, she has seen the office workspace evolve at an accelerating rate, most recently with the introduction of the active working […]



As Chair of the Employee Engagement 2017, I was asked by the organisers to write a summary of the day. Last time they asked me this, I was caught slightly on the hop and hadn’t really taken proper notes (being focussed on the here and now) so this time I was really prepared! I had […]


Marketing Leaders Need To Face The Future And Embrace CX Now

People hate change, that’s a fact. I was once involved in an enormous change management programme at an investment bank where hundreds of people were flown all over the world for training, just so the changes the boss wanted to implement could be handled smoothly. The bottom line was that all that money was spent […]

Jeff headshot (002)

How to spot a top tech CV

Jeff Szczepanski, COO of Stack Overflow, discusses how to identify the strongest candidates at the CV screening stage and points out what recruiters should be on the lookout for when hiring tech talent. The CV has traditionally been the cornerstone of the job application process – but when making technical hires, it often falls short. […]

lucy standing

Employee Engagement Summit – View from the Hall 2 Chair

I had the pleasure on Thursday 20th April of chairing one of the two streams for the annual Engage Employee Summit. What makes an experience like this slightly daunting for a chair is seeing a room packed to the rafters with senior leaders from the Engagement world with high expectations – raised all the higher […]

Ian Jindal (002)

The new era of marketplaces in multichannel retail

By Ian Jindal, experienced multichannel retailer and Editor-in-Chief of InternetRetailing It’s a new era for marketplaces and retailers, after many years of debate and unease between the two. Once seen as a platform for SMEs, artisan businesses and niche retailers, marketplaces are now becoming a powerful force within the retail industry. You only have to […]

Harry Ashbridge

Rescue your business from the soulless language of CX

Here’s something mildly ironic. Customer experience, the discipline that wants to put emotion and how people really feel at the heart of business, is terrible at communicating. There’s no excuse for it. CX people understand that our gut emotional reaction is crucial to how we behave. And they know that breaking down internal barriers and […]


Innovation And Agility Offers A Bright Future For El Salvador

I was speaking today in San Salvador, El Salvador, at the 2017 Investment Summit hosted by Proesa, the national export and investment promotion agency. The summit was a big event in El Salvador – for the first time ever president Salvador Sánchez Cerén came and opened the conference – speaking about opportunities for international trade across a wide […]

CB ERR (002)

It’s time to focus on the People

In the contact centre industry there is a constant drive to improve. Improve first time call resolution, improve average handling time, and improve systems through technology. But where do people fit into all of this? There has been such a strong emphasis on metrics and technology as key components for improving contact centre efficiency for […]