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Aesthetic Intelligence and Customer Engagement

I read an article about ‘aesthetic intelligence’ some time back. Heaven knows what I was searching for when I found it, but it made some good points about success in business by drawing on the artistic process and related principles. As a music fan since I was a very young kid, I’ve always been interested […]


The call centre dark side – why are some customers just so angry?

With all the talk of Star Wars I got to thinking about the dark side of contact centre life. There are days when working in this environment leaves you feeling like everyone’s punch bag. Fielding one angry call after another can be exhausting and demoralizing; even for seasoned contact centre agents. These angry customers that […]

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Yet again, I was delighted to have chaired this year’s Customer Engagement Summit – over 700 professionals in the room looking to learn, network and be inspired. And I suspect a few were just a little blown away with the innovations and ideas being presented, not least by the BBC’s Spencer Kelly and his ‘tech […]


My Customer Engagement Summit experience

I spoke about the future of the customer experience at the Engage Customer Summit last week. It was a real pleasure to be a part of the opening keynote session with Spencer Kelly from the BBC Click TV show ahead and Patrick Lewis, director of partnerships at John Lewis (notice the name), following my session. […]

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News from the Customer Engagement Transformation Directors Forum

I chaired the recent Customer Engagement Transformation forum on September 24th. We were miles high on the South Bank in a fantastic big screen auditorium and a wonderful roof top view of the surrounding iconic London landmarks. We all had a smashing time. There was plenty of evidence that innovation is alive and kicking and […]


How Amazon has damaged employer brand and capacity

One of the greatest challenges businesses face now is the rapid flow of information and resulting public opinion says Rita Trehan. I need only point to the recent expose in the New York Times on Amazon’s company culture and the resulting groundswell of negative opinion. Although the article doesn’t feel intended as a takedown piece, […]


Could you ever trust VW again?

VW shares collapsed over 20% in Frankfurt today as further revelations about their emissions testing scandal emerged. In fact, their US Chief Executive Michael Horn even went on the record to say that VW has “totally screwed up.” US authorities have ordered the recall of half a million cars and the global figure for diesel […]


Usability is Transformative: Demand is Cross-Generational

Debate continues to rage about the challenges of assimilating the next generation into the workforce, the way in which this ‘born to iPad’ generation will respond to the clunky business applications that still dominate the experience in most companies today.  For those brought up on the intuitive user experience delivered by innovative, Apple inspired App […]